Miguel Ángel Santaella
Composer & Conductor          

the jazz ensemble

Gathered in 2022 to premiere a composition for jazz quintet commissioned to celebrate 50 years of the Dutch Association of Improvising Musicians (BIM in Dutch), this ensemble was a creative space in which leading jazz players from the Dutch scene lend their talent and idiomatic particularities to complex compositions of contemporary and unusual sound that in turn serve as a framework for cinematic collective textures and endless improvisatory synergy.

During some months of 2022 they have participated in the Transition Festival in Utrecht, in the anniversary concert of the Beroepsverening voor Improviserende Musici at the renowned Bimhuis in Amsterdam, in De Pletterij in Haarlem and in LantarenVenster in Rotterdam along with other events celebrating that anniversary.

A recording from its last performance in Rotterdam is available at main streaming platforms issued by Donemus Records.

 the artists

Kristina Fuchs, the singer with her kaleidoscopic voice juggles in the jungle of styles with mastery. At times, she sounds light and silvery, at times dark and velvety, at times crazy and joyful, but always musical and seducing.

Giuseppe Doronzo, as lover of unexplored space , he focuses his research on the baritone saxophone, constantly expanding a personal vocabulary that goes through his background in contemporary classical music , jazz improvisation and his interest for non-western music.

Riccardo Marogna has a ten years long experience in teaching clarinet and computer music. Along with (or better, as a part of) his artistic practice, he is an active maker of electronic and software instruments and any kind of weird thing which can produce sound. 

Tobias Klein mainly focuses on improvised music and contemporary jazz for reeds, enriched by his studies of contemporary composed music, live-electronics and techniques derived from African, Eastern European and Asian music.

Arjen Gorter is a living reference in the Dutch Free Jazz scene, having played in some of the most defining groups in the country since 1966 with names such as Willem Breuker, Boy Edgar, Leo Cuypers and Theo Loevendie, to name just a few.

Bob Roos has been playing drums for more than 25 years, and he still find it a fun instrument, like dancing but behind a machine. He also is busy with different projects and teaching.

the music