Miguel Ángel Santaella
Composer & Conductor.           

Miguel is out now!

An amazing sonic trip to a new kind of vocal jazz compositions and performing begins now with this album, a totally solo project where vocal sounds are used on every track not just for creating harmonies or singing melodies, but also to create innovative sound beds and effects, blurring boundaries of what has been done and will be done after this production. This is truly a work of love and craftsmanship. A secret kept hidden from the public until now for your listening pleasure. But be aware! this is not something you're totally familiar with, so don´t get me wrong.  It is vocal jazz, but not the usual way. It is electronic music, but not as you've used to listen to. It is improvised and composed, but not as you might imagine.

The inspiration for the original tracks came mostly from my personal experiences, so you can listen to my expectations when I moved from Venezuela (Simón Díaz' Tonada de Luna Llena) to the Netherlands (Un Caraqueño en Rotterdam), the hype of walking thru the jazziest street of the city (Oude Binnenweg), the short but lasting peace felt when a Buddhist monk opened the door of the Gakwonsa Temple just for me to see the altar (He Opened The Temple For Me), or my synaesthetic experiences while listening to music (Cromofonía 3), and the remembrance of the Aula Magna of the University City in Caracas, my dearest concert hall back there -Las Nubes (de Calder)-. Also, my love for the moving images is present as well with two tracks, L'Arrivée, based on the silent film with the same title created by Peter Tscherkassky, and Cinematicals, based on a short animation film about quest and fantastic worlds yet to be real. There is also an Homage to the classic vocal jazz singing with a slightly asymmetrical arrangement of the quintessential Route 66, the only track of the album with non-vocal sounds applied.


Available worldwide for streaming and downloading on your preferred platform