Miguel Ángel Santaella
Composer & Conductor          

the groups

Apart from singing in some of the most prestigious choirs in my home country, Venezuela, such as Agrupación Polifonía, the Orfeón Universitario UCV (National Artistic Patrimony) and Cantarte Chamber Choir among others, I've been actively involved founding and conducting other relevant groups:  


Coro de Cámara Eduardo Plaza Aurrecoechea

Founded in the 1980's in the city of La Victoria, 80 Km west of Caracas, this choir has long being repotted as one of the leading voices of the central region of the country. I was invited to conduct it on April 1997 and since then it grew to become of the leading choirs of the country, and one of the most innovative ones, with several premieres on its repertoire. During my time serving on it was awarded Third Overall Prize at the Second National Choral Competition held in Mérida (Venezuela) in 1998. My tenure of its leadership ended in May 2000.


Venezuela's first full time vocal jazz sextet had its first rehearsal in 2003 in a university cafeteria in Caracas filled with tailor-made arrangements and a particular coaching from Jacques Braunstein, the late leading voice on Jazz in Venezuela, and since then it drawn attention from media, audiences and jazz lovers alike, participating at the country's most distinguished jazz TV program, many radio appearances and festival invitations and concerts throughout the country. It has also become an ambassador of Venezuelan vocal jazz music being specially invited to festivals in Medellin (Colombia), Ávila (Spain) and obtained a Bronze Diploma at the 7th Vokal.Total Jazz Competition in Graz (Austria). The group disbanded in 2011, and Guaréver, the EP with its last studio recording from 2009  was released digitally on 2017.




During a tough time of social upheaval in the capital city of the country, a group of friends of mine wanted to sing my arrangements on Venezuelan music. As it was almost impossible to find a good place to plan a concert, I've decided to record these themes. Then I teamed up with Freddie Feldman (mastermind of Vocomotion Records in the U.S.) to build up and finish this recording project of 5 arrangements of Venezuelan vocal music a Cappella, Soñando a Venezuela, which was nominated for Best South American A Cappella Recording for the CARAwards 2013, presented by the Contemporary A Cappella Association. 


Short after landing in Rotterdam to follow my studies at the beginning of 2015, I went to build up a mixed sextet to develop some jazz influenced vocal writing, away from my backgrounds. Then some valued voices and newly made friends joined me to rehearse and experiment new textures to old melodies, including  a second collaboration with Vocomotion records releasing  a seasonal recording, On Xmasand a couple of singles released digitally with binaural technique, A Lira and Mamos. Later on, and following my desire to experiment, I've reduced to just 4 voices a Cappella, working with a freer improvisational scope and maximising their vocal possibilities.